artichoke division

Asked July 16, 2018, 11:41 AM EDT

I have 3 artichoke plants....they produced fairly well this year, but they haven't formed any new plants at their base. I thought last year it happened in late summer. I wanted to divide them, but have yet to see anything. I also was thinking to cut them back now since they are done producing for the year. I live in Grants Pass, Oregon. If you can suggest a good artichoke growing resource, would be much appreciated. Thanks, Katie a

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Normally when the plants finish producing buds it is a good time to cut them back. After about 3-4 years of producing you may want to divide the clump. Wait until you see the new side shoots coming out before dividing clumps. In our area it is difficult to get two crops like the central coast of California. It will be in mid to late July normally when the shoots arise. Just go online and query growing artichokes University of California publications. OSU doesn't have an artichoke publication.