fothergilla problems

Asked July 16, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Hi. I forgot to ask you about 10 Fothergillas I planted a month ago that are all afflicted with the same problem. An entire branch dries up and dies and then another branch does the same. All the surrounding shrubs and perennials are fine. My reading says the Fothergillas are resistant to soil based fungal wilt but that what it seems like to me. Any ideas?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hopefully you received our answer to this question about 2 weeks ago?

It said:
"In just three weeks time, it would be too early for a disease to be the cause of the problem. Most likely, the problem here is poor establishment. Were the plants rootbound in their nursery pots? If they were, did you fluff out the roots in the planting hole? Where they in a location that became saturated during the recent rains? The wilting symptom suggests the root system did not get established well and the plants are not taking up adequate water/nutrients. Too much water where roots are not well established can also lead to root rot. Pull up one of the plants and check the root system. Healthy roots would appear white and fleshy looking. If the roots don't look healthy, it is probably best to choose new plants.

Take a look at the information on our website for tips on planting and post-planting care of shrubs and trees:"