Soil Erosion

Asked July 15, 2018, 11:03 AM EDT

The heavy rains over the last few years have given me erosion problems, as my lot is on the downside of a hill and the rear portion of the property gets unmanageable water--no flooding, just erosion of top soil and grass. Are there any bulletins on the subject. Even if I get a landscape firm to do the work, I would like to have some knowledge on the subject. Any references available through the BCPL will be useful too

Baltimore County Maryland soil erosion

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Here is a publication from MDA on soil erosion.

Also, look at the attached link on storm water management. Depending upon the site you may be able to install a rain garden and other practices

Sometimes soil erosion can be a complicated issue to solve. Here are some resources. Try the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District.

Finally, you may want to contact the Watershed Specialist in your area for more information
Ms. Kelsey Brooks, Northern Maryland Regional Watershed Restoration Specialist