coneflower deformity

Asked July 15, 2018, 9:00 AM EDT

Hi My coneflower plants have center but some missing petals. This happens to pinks and whites so far. Asters Yellow? something else? What to do? Really appreciate response.

Ramsey County Minnesota coneflowers aster yellows rosette mites

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It's difficult to tell whether the affected coneflowers have been damaged by aster yellows or rosette mites. This bulletin illustrates manifestations of each.

After comparing the photos of you plants with those shown in the Ohio State bulletin, we believe (but can't be 100% certain) mites account for the abnormal appearance of your flowers.

Experts at the University of Illinois have this to say about dealing with the mites:
"Remove eriophyid infested flowers and destroy them by burning (where legal) or burying six or more inches deep in the soil. (Note that to some gardeners, the aster yellows and the eriophyid mite can cause similar looking distortions if not checked closely.)"

Thanks....mine don't exactly have all the symptoms but will definitely deal with!