anjou semi-dwarf pears

Asked July 15, 2018, 12:29 AM EDT

This will be the third year for my tree to produce fruit. I am having a difficult time determining when the pears are mature enough to pick. The tag that came with the tree states to eat fresh but everything I read about anjou pears is that they need cold storage first and then they need to be ripened on the counter for several days. I would appreciate your advice on this matter.1. Time of year to pick 2. Cold storage necessary 3. Length of time in cold storage and counter ripening if necessary. Also, is there a safe way to treat/ protect the tree from insects that still allows the fruit to be edible? thanks. P- billings mt

Yellowstone County Montana

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The timing of pear harvest will vary based on climatic conditions. Depending on how weather in your region is, you may pick pears up to a month after warmer areas. A good general rule is to begin harvesting Anjous 145 to 150 days after full bloom. Commercial facilities also use penetrometers called "pear punches" to harvest between 16-19 lb of pressure, penetrometers typically cost $200. Anjous should be ripened for 9 days at 65-75 F at high humidity. Please check with your cooperative extension agents in Montana for appropriate pest and disease recommendations. In general, you should be on the look out for coddling moths, scab, and fire blight. Control will vary state to state due to pesticide registrations. However, the PNW handbook is a good reference for commercial and home pear growers: