planting lawn over stump grinding

Asked July 14, 2018, 3:20 PM EDT

Removed old silver maple and had stump and root grinding done. The stump and lateral root area that was ground covered approximately 900 square feet. i am currently digging the sawdust and ground root material to a depth of about 8 inches. i am then sifting out all the root material and discarding. My wife hired a landscape contractor and he just spread all the material and compacted it down. His plan is to add tops top of the compacted soil. Is this correct ? Or is it correct to remove all the stump and root material ? If topsoil is added what would be the correct depth ?

Passaic County New Jersey

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I think the stump grinding and root grinding from the silver maple should be sufficient to allow soil prep for installation of a lawn over that area. You didn't indicate whether you would be laying sod or putting down seed, but either will work. The old ground up bits from the stump and roots will add to the organic material present, but should not sprout any maple trees. There will be fungi that will feed on the organic material in that area, and you may get mushrooms that sprout up periodically. They are harmless and are good at decomposing the organic material. You can rake over mushrooms that come up to break them and as they are 90% water, they will go away, but may come back after a period of growth, especially each fall.
You will want to check the pH of the area with a soil test, as it may be rather acidic and that might also lead to the growth of mosses. Addition of lime will bring the pH up if it is on the acidic side.

Good luck with your new lawn area, and thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension.