Red/White Cedars are brown.

Asked July 14, 2018, 10:09 AM EDT

We have had at least 2 cedars that have stayed brown and we have assumed are dead. We are in Meeker County but we have noticed the same thing in other counties throughout the state. We know that the cedar turns brown in the winter and then returns to its green color in spring/summer. This is not the case with these however, these are more of a dried out brown and have the look of being dead. What has been the cause of this? Was it the past winter and then the early spring and then back to winter? How about the winds during the winter?

Meeker County Minnesota eastern red cedar red cedar winter damage

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For lack of more information and a better explanation, we agree that winter damage may have killed the trees. This is especially likely if the trees showed no previous evidence of decline.

This website recounts an instance of red cedar winter damage in Connecticut.