Pear tree varieties

Asked July 14, 2018, 9:19 AM EDT

Hello, I am planning on planting fruit trees this fall and was wondering what varieties of Asian pear trees and other pear trees do well in my area? I live in Pinckney. Thanks

Livingston County Michigan

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Spring is usually when fruit trees are available from nurseries and other sources.

European pear varieties that are fireblight resistant you might consider are Harrow Delight, Harrow Crisp, Harrow Sweet, Warren, Moonglow, Harovin Sundown (Cold Snap). Flemish Beauty is a nice pear but is somewhat susceptible to fireblight. Most of these pears require a different European pear variety as a pollen source

Good Asian pears include Korean Giant, Shinseiki (New Century), Nijisseiki (Twentieth Century).