spotted lanterflies

Asked July 14, 2018, 6:45 AM EDT

I would like to use yard waste that I have gathered from the home of my cousin who lives in Pottstown, PA. They are in large paper yard waste bags and tied down in the back of my pickup truck. I have not taken the bags out of my pickup yet because her neighborhood has been infested with spotted lanternflies. I did not see them at her home but I have seen them at the homes of other relatives who live on the same block. Should I bag them up in plastic and throw them out or is it safe to put these weeds and plant clippings in the layers of a raised bed that I am building up over the next week?

New Castle County Delaware

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It is very likely that yard waste gathered up recently in the Pottstown, PA area is infested with spotted lanternfly nymphs.You should assume there are nymphs within those bags. I hope you didn't also accidentally move nymphs on the outside of the bags or in the bed of your truck. There may also be nymphs trapped under the bags. At this point we need you to go into containment mode and do all you can to make sure that any SLF nymphs that might be present die. The nymphs will not live very long without plant material to feed on. Would it be possible to pull the truck into a closed garage for a couple of weeks and just wait for all the SLF that could there to die? I would be happy to talk to you about your situation. Please call me at 610-489-4315 tomorrow if you can.