Too many flies

Asked July 13, 2018, 10:55 PM EDT

We have a common fly infestation in our townhouse. Every morning I come downstairs to see 15-20 flies on my glass doors leading to the deck. For several days, I shush as many flies out the door as possible, & squash the rest. Each evening or morning we find about 15-20 new flies. This morning I purchased some fly sticky paper traps. One immediately filled up, the 2nd a little more slowly. I had hung the paper right in front of the glass doors. By late afternoon, there were at least 15 new flies! I figured I’d be getting rid of the flies for good. Where are the new ones coming from? Our kitchen has no food or scraps out. The only thing different is that recently a casserole dish outside got its top knocked off, we think by a raccoon.. inside was a rank stew, waiting for our garbage disposal to be fixed. Of course the lid was put back on, but flies had been attracted. I don’t see any flies around the casserole dish since. I’ve looked all around the outside and inside of the patio door, but I don’t see maggots. Where might so many new flies be coming from? We also have 3 cats with their litter box. I keep the litter box pretty clean. I never see flies in or around the box. I’m also sending a picture of the flies on the glass doors. Is there anything else I should be doing to ensure all the flies are eliminated? I think knowing where the new flies are coming from is important. I really hope you can help me!! I’m not enjoying all these flies at all.

Montgomery County Maryland

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It sounds like you are doing all the right things.
If the rotting stew were the problem, you likely would have seen maggots on the meat.

Given your circumstance, we wonder about the possibility of a dead mouse or other animal in an attic, chimney or wall void?

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