SunPatiens / impatiens

Asked July 13, 2018, 4:33 PM EDT

This is my first year planting impatiens and a few SunPatiens. I noticed that they were not looking great and tried my best at a few solutions (i.e. water more, water less, pest control, etc.) nothing seemed to help so I continued researching. I came across impatiens getting downy mildew which is what it appears some of the impatiens have, but where I’m perplexed is I’ve read that Subpatiens are immune yet they appear to have same issue. Can you confirm if this is downy mildew? If so, what do you recommend?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Regular impatiens can be susceptible to downy mildew and we do not recommend planting them.. Here is our website on this and recommended alternatives.

This does not look like downy mildew on the SunPatiens. This looks like spider mite damage, a sucking insect, and we notice a Japanese beetle on a flower. Handpick the Japanese beetles and drop into soapy water to control them.

Spider mites they can be a problem in warm sunny months. The suck the chlorophyll from leaves which results in fine white spots or stipples on the leaves. The plants are too damaged to spray now. Soap and/or oil sprays are also not recommended during high temperatures as this can damage the foliage/flowers as well. We recommend a light pruning. Remove all damaged foliage. Wash down the plants with a strong spray of water and be sure to get good coverage of the lower leaf surfaces. Let the plants put out some new growth and monitor for mites. If you need to spray do this early in the morning when the temperatures are cool and the plants have had an opportunity to rehydrate from the day before.
It is possible the area may be too hot and you may want to select another type of annual for the sun.