Determined Bumble Bee

Asked July 13, 2018, 6:38 AM EDT

I have a large bumble bee who for the last 3 days is determined to come into my house. As soon as I catch it and put it outside it flies right back in! We have a nest in the lawn, about 20mt’s away from my kitchen door, it has been there for 2 years, they feed off a flowering Hebe bush next to the nest, it is covered in flowers this year, the bees seem to love it. I love watching them going in and out of the nest. They haven’t been a problem up the garden, but this one just seems determined that he wants to come indoors. How do I deter it without closing the doors in this heat? I helped one that seemed to be dying earlier this week, it was on the grass and looked really weak, so I picked some Hebe flowers and put them in front of the bee, it crawled all over it and then suddenly found the strength to fly off.

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What a dilemma. First thing I wonder about is if you have a second nest close to your door. Bumble bees are not perennial - nests die out each year in the late summer or early fall, so the one on your lawn likely (re)started this spring. Another nest might have started close to your door. Unlike yellow jackets or honey bees, the rate of departure from the nest will be quite slow - maybe a bee every minute at best - so you will have to watch carefully. If you do have a nest, make sure the enterance is not blocked, as it may disorient the bees and cause them to drift into the house. But if this is just a bee flying into the house repeatedly - that's slightly odd and I am not exactly sure what is motivating it (and by extension how to discourage it). Keep us posted.