Sunpatiens Replanting

Asked July 12, 2018, 3:23 PM EDT

Is it okay to dig up Sunpatiens that have been in ground a couple of months and repot them in a container?
They are not doing well as the soil is poor where I live and the space is limited. They aren't flowering as they should. They get full sun and I water every day.

Suffolk County New York horticulture

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Thank you for your question. Annual plants can be transplanted this late in the season, but you may expect no small amount of transplant ‘shock’ since their roots often dry out and are slow to regrow. These plants are for either native or potting soil, which may hold water better and let water get to the roots. Before re-planting, though, you might want to consider the growing advice in the following article to see if there’s something you can alter to make them happy where they are: Good luck!