Need advice on order of necessary treatment applications.

Asked July 11, 2018, 8:14 PM EDT

I got my new raised beds going in the spring, .... then, was unexpectantly hospitalized late spring. No one seemed available to take care of routine gardening tasks, including proper watering. I am now trying to save what I can. I need to do a bug treatment, and a flowering booster/fertilizer application as well, if I am going to harvest anything by fall. Which one do I do first? How long do I need to wait before doing the second application needed? Thks, Faith

Multnomah County Oregon vegetable gardening

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Thanks for your question, Faith. Hope you’ref feeling better! It is difficult for me to give you a ‘map’ without a picture of the territory. It would also be helpful to know which insects you think you need to kill. (Many are far enough along in their life cycles that they are soon to stop eating (if that’s what they’re doing to your plants) and fly off looking for a mate. What type of plants did you plant? Are their leaves yellow, curling or brown? Has no one watered or weeded? It woul seem that the first task would be to water and weed, since no vegetable does well while competing with weeds. Then give the garden a thorough watering: on the soil (not leaves), in the morning, and longer, more thorough soakings less often, rather than shallow ones more often. I’m delighted to get you through the next steps if you can take some photos of the garden so I can analyze what problems there are to solve. If that’s a problem, let me know that, too. Looking forward to hearing from you!