Minnesota snowflake mock orange scrub

Asked July 11, 2018, 1:39 PM EDT

I live in southern Minnesota’ zip code 56007. Can I grow a Minnesota Snowflake Mock Orange. It says zoned for zone 5. Will that work here. Thank you Susie O’Sell

Freeborn County Minnesota

1 Response

'Minnesota Snowflake' is reputedly hardy to zone 4, at least according to the wholesaler Monrovia, although one online retailer lists it as zone 5. A local retailer should not be selling you a zone 5 shrub.

Sometimes out-of-zone plants work, if they are placed in the right location and are given great care. Sometimes they work for a few years, then die. You are certainly welcome to try growing these plants.

But they come with this warning: you might lose the plant, now or several years later. You'd lose not just your investment in the plant, but the time you've spent caring for the plant and the garden location you've assigned to the plant, all of which could have been used for something more zone-appropriate.