Asked July 11, 2018, 12:39 PM EDT

Hello, I had a Marquis grapevine that got black rot I couldn't get rid of. So I thought I will just dig it up. I quickly realized that was next to impossible. So I cut the trunk down all the way to underneath soil and cut most of the roots I could find with pruning shears. Then applied some Captan fungicide on top of it. Then put soil back over it. Then threw some wildflower seed over it. This was a little over a month ago. I have seen no signs of new life there. So I was considering replacing it with a Thomcord. My question is... Will it grow back and if so about how long would that take? And if not how long should I wait to plant another vine?

Kent County Michigan grapes

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If you did a good job of digging up the roots it should not come back. If it is going to struggle back you should see something this year or perhaps next spring.
If you see something this summer I suggest you carefully apply roundup to the grape vine in late September before the first frost. That should kill the vine.
You should be able to replant next spring. If the rootstock for the Marquis comes up carefully shield it from other plants and spray it with roundup and avoid spraying the plants you want to save.