How to Save Our Service Berry Tree?

Asked July 11, 2018, 10:44 AM EDT

Woodpeckers ate away lots of bark from upper branches on our Service Berry Tree. This past Spring, a certified arborist sprayed the ground at base of tree and the worms/woodpeckers seem to be gone. However, we still have seriously damaged bark and some dead branches. We love the tree--it draws lots of birds and is a great size---so what else can we do to save this tree? I assume we just cut the dead branches and hope something grows back. And maybe get it sprayed again this fall, or every Spring? See photos and many thanks!!

Anoka County Minnesota

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Hello and thank you for contacting AaE for help.

The tree is stressed and that attracts insects. It appears to need a good pruning job. A professional arborist can prune out the dead branches and open up the canopy a bit. If you remove the branches where the bark is damaged, then the tree may not be such an insect magnet making it less likely to need spraying.

I hope this information helps.

Thanks for that info----however---the photos may not show it, but "major" portions---many branches---large and small---of this Serviceberry tree are damaged, show the bark shredded and the insides exposed. If we planned on trimming the tree like you suggested, it certainly would look "seriously cut back" and perhaps ugly. I'll check again----and discuss with my wife, but we may just have to replace it.:(