Huge patch of My Lawn Won't Grow

Asked July 10, 2018, 12:37 PM EDT

Hello. 80 percent of my lawn looks great. It gets water 3 days a week via rain or watering. Fertilizer 5 times from early spring to late fall. I have a huge patch of my lawn that just won't grow. Wondering if I should do a soil sample and send it in to the U of M. Any advice on where to go next? I've told my lawn care company to stop coming for the rest of the summer in case it's getting too much fertilizer. I've sent 1 example of healthy grass from my lawn and 2 examples of where it's struggling to grow. Much thanks! Matt Lissick

Dakota County Minnesota

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Testing the soil is advisable. Go here to learn how to prepare samples and where to take or send them for testing:

You may also want to consider sending samples of the turf that is not thriving to the University of Minnesota Plant Diagnostic Clinic to preclude the presence of disease or insect damage:

Following is a lawn care primer prepared for Illinois residents. Most of the information there also applies to Minnesota: