Help: a dying tree in a healthy forest PINE BEETLES?

Asked July 9, 2018, 8:26 PM EDT

Park County, private land, 8100 ft elevation just outside of Lake George. The trees on our 15 acres are very healthy except the sudden, fast, death of this Ponderosa Pine, dying from the top down. No lightning spiral, no bark blown off -- just patches of oozing pitch, strips of oozing pitch, and a neighbor tree 20 feet away beginning to show the same signs. I have appended three photos. What is it and how do I protect the forest? THANKS !!!

Park County Colorado

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This looks like mountain pine beetle, but I can't say for sure from the pictures. What I am missing would be some small exit holes where the adult beetles "left" the tree...they are about 1/16" in diameter.

For more information and color pictures of what to look for to diagnose, navigate to

I hope this is helpful!

Thank you for your prompt and very helpful reply. As a result, we have called an arborist who confirmed pine beetle kill and he will remove this tree and a neighboring dying tree, spray all surrounding trees (which still appear healthy KNOCK ON PINE WOOD !!!), and begin a program of annual inspection/spraying. THANK YOU for your help! Gotta keep Colorado's trees healthy!!!