Best trees you recommend for a hot, dry right-of-way

Asked July 9, 2018, 7:06 PM EDT

My house is on a NE corner in Denver and the right-of-way on the south side of the house desperately needs some trees and plants. There are power lines and no sprinklers in the area. I can reach it with a hose to get things started but the trees and plants will need to be able to survive in arid, full-sun conditions in the long term. I am considering 3 – 4 trees and 10 – 15 large plants and/or grasses. I am wide open to ideas. Any suggestions?

Denver County Colorado

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There are a number of small deciduous trees that could grow in the conditions you describe. Here are three: 1) Thornless cockspur hawthorn; 2) Tartarian 'Hotwings' maple and the Gamble Oak (this species tends to grow in a more shrubby form). In addition to these recommendations, inserted is a link to a publication from Colorado State University entitled: Small Deciduous Trees - 7.418. This article contains more suggestions that may meet your requirements. One point to keep in mind is that any tree you plant will need regular deep root watering (2-3) times per week for at least the 1st year until it is well established with a strong root structure. Winter watering - 1 time per month is also important if there is no snow or natural moisture.