preserving plant cuttings/plants to be used for exhibit

Asked July 9, 2018, 7:02 PM EDT

I'm writing on behalf of a client, who works at an historical society. She would like to know the best way to preserve plants that will be kept in a traveling exhibit suitcase, to be used in classrooms and other educational sites. The types of plants include several found in Oregon, e.g. Oregon grape, Wapato, Camas, Hazelnut, and Huckleberry. Thank you, Jenifer (Wash. Co. Ext.) 503-821-1112

Washington County Oregon

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The best way will be to collect the material and press it the way one would do for herbarium specimens. Here is a link about how to do that:

When the specimens are dried, they can be glued onto standard archival herbarium paper

and then placed inside this type of protective sleeve:

Or the mounted (or unmounted!) specimen can be placed in these wonderful Riker mounts where they can be easily viewed, handled, and transported:!/160BK-16-1-4-X-12-1-4-X-3-4/p/69446681/category=204734...