Tomato Disease?

Asked July 9, 2018, 5:44 PM EDT

Two of my tomato plants have their leaves curled and their growth is stunted. See Photo. First time I have seen this after so many year of gardening. What is the disease and what do I do to save the plants or the rest of the plants?. Thank you in advance. Tim Bakalakos

Yellow Medicine County Minnesota

6 Responses

I would say that it looks like your plants have herbicide damage. Did you or someone close apply a herbicide to something?

We applied weed and feed for the lawn but that was two weeks before we planted the tomatoes.
They spray the town for mosquitoes, that's an insecticide. Does that have any effect?

I don't know what the town used but that is an insecticide and not a weed killer product. Could a neighbor have sprayed something. It drifts very easily when it is hot.

It is possible that one of my neighbors sprayed and it drifted over! Darn! What shall I do? Leave them or remove them?

They don't usually do very well when they are that severely damaged. I would look for a late buy on tomato plants at a greenhouse closeout.

Thank you.