Ground Hog Removal ?

Asked July 9, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

Suspect a family is living under foundation of house. There are several entrance / exit holes. What problems should I expect ? Proper & Lawful Method of Removal ? Thanks

Prince George's County Maryland

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Groundhogs kick out a lot of soil, which can make a mess. Also, after many years, their tunnels can weaken a structure. So, you do need to discourage yours.

Search 'groundhogs' on our website.

Also, ready the groundhog section of this fact sheet:

If it has young, they should be leaving now, which is good. Some people have success repelling them by shoving ammonia-soaked rags down the holes (leave one hole open overnight so they can escape), then plugging the entrances as described in the fact sheet above.

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