Blacl bee with 3 white stripes on tail

Asked July 9, 2018, 4:29 PM EDT

We have a pile of gravel in our driveway and there are many bees swarming in and out of it. They are aggressive when we get close. Can you identify them for me, and advise on how to get rid of them. We can not use driveway parking or get into our shed.

St. Mary's County Maryland

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These are cicada killer wasps. They don't sting humans (the males don't even have stingers). They only kill cicadas. They are acting aggressive because they are individually making holes and laying eggs in them. They stuff a cicada in each hole so that their babies can eat them when they hatch.

So, they are good guys. You don't need to worry about being stung, and the more you park there, the more you will discourage them from living there.

They don't live long anyway. Here is the info on them: