Removal of a pink magnolia tree

Asked July 9, 2018, 3:51 PM EDT

Hi - I need to remove a pink magnolia tree because it has cracked our sewer pipe. I'm devastated to lose this amazing tree! Since I know next to nothing about trees and gardening, I was wondering if/how it's possible to take cuttings from this tree to replant elsewhere? Also, if this is a rare tree, I'd like to donate the remains either to your organization or to anyone who may be interested. Can you help? Thanks!

Howard County Maryland

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The vast majority of tree roots are in the top 12-18" of soil. Unless your magnolia is almost atop the sewer line, be very slow to blame a broken sewer line on the tree. Trees do not "seek" water and break into lines to find it. Many sewer lines break and, naturally, tree roots happen to find the leaked moisture, but the tree did not break the sewer line.

Yes, you can propagate your tree from cuttings. Do it as soon as possible, using vigorous new growth. Make cutting 4-6" and remove the tip. Never let the soil dry out.

Here are step by step instructions: