Which type of redbud to plant in Denver?

Asked July 9, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

Hello! My crab apple tree was just removed due to blight. I would like to replace it with a redbud tree, but am unsure which one to get. Which would do better in Denver? The eastern redbud OR the forest pansy redbud? The location for this tree faces West, and gets considerable sun -- about 8 hours a day in the summer. Which of the redbuds would you recommend for Denver, and when can I plant it? Would September be ok? Thank you!!!

Denver County Colorado

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If you live in Denver, the Eastern redbud would be hardier. Forest Pansy has not made it through some bad winters in this area, to my knowledge. Both are understory trees, used to getting filtered and intermittent light. I found a source that said redbuds can take full sun, but I don't know what state that was from. I came across an ad for 'Rising Sun' redbud that said this variety was more tolerant of sun, but I know nothing else about it, so I'd check the horticultural zone on it, to be sure.

Best of luck.