how to fill up a raised bed

Asked July 9, 2018, 10:16 AM EDT

Hi, Our son-in law built us a 4X6 raised bed that is about 18" deep. It is placed in a full sun location on gravel and stones. How can I fill the raised bed that will be mostly used for vegetables. Can you please let me know the mixture of soils that I can inexpensively purchase to fill up the raised bed. Thanks.

Howard County Maryland

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You may want to place some landscape fabric over top of the gravel/stones so the soil does not seep down into the stones.
You can also call around to topsoil/mulch suppliers for commercially available mixtures of topsoil and leaf compost. This makes an excellent media for raised beds - blended topsoil (70%) and leaf compost (30%). Can be purchased by the cubic yard. Here is information on beginning your own home

Whenever buying topsoil or organic matter it basically is 'buyer beware'. As far as compost, the only way to know exactly what you are putting in your veggie garden is to make it yourself.
See our videos on raised beds,


We have a cmpost bin in our backyard where we put all our kitchen waste and leaves but the compost we get are used for the plants and we do not have enough to fill the raised bed. What do you think of leaf grow?
Top soil is the prblem. how can we choose a good top soil. Can you suggest a good one I can get from Lowes. I will use the landscape fabric as suggested. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Leafgro is a widely used high quality compost.

We cannot recommend a particular brand of topsoil.

Mixing commercial compost, like Leafgro or mushroom compost, 50:50 with a soilless growing media (potting soil) is another good approach for filling the raised bed. Soilless growing media will have some of the following ingredients: peat moss, bark fines, compost, coconut coir, vermiculite, perlite, and small amount of lime and fertilizer. jt