why are my gogi berries turning brown instead of orange? i live in ill.

Asked July 9, 2018, 8:20 AM EDT

gogi berries are turning brown. I didn't have a problem last year. they are in whiskey barrels on my deck. leaves are also turning yellow and dropping off. thank you for any response.

Sangamon County Illinois

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I do not have very many years of working with gogi berries, so all I can go on is some of the "typical" problems associated with small fruits under similar circumstances. Small fruits in container plantings often suffer during periods of hot weather. Moisture levels tend to fluctuate from too dry to too wet rather than the more even moisture levels the roots would experience in a field planting. The soil temperature can also get quite high in a container planting. Outright "sun burn" of the skin of fruits is possible as well. Were these fertilized this year? Even slightly excess fertilizer can be a problem for container-grown fruits.