Chiggers and mosquitoes

Asked July 9, 2018, 7:43 AM EDT

Hi we live on 1760 Wyatt Parkway backing up to Johnson Heights Park. This back is frequently filled with water and hence breeding ground for mosquitoes. I have researched on the internet and have been cutting back all the wild honey suckle in our yard to increase air circulation. I have called the Health Dept as have our neighbors. We do not know what they are planning to do and I will make a follow up phone call. My question to you is do you recommend diatomeceous earth or sulphur to spread in the yard to fend off the chiggers? I was leaning toward the sulphur in pellet form, but do not know where to purchase. Please advise. I have another friend who wants to know if either of these methods would kill lightening bugs as she does not want to harm them and if safe for pets. Thank you very much for your time. Regards Michele McBrayer

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Actually, we do not recommend either of those products to help control chiggers. Here is a link to the publication that we have on Chiggers, . The University of Missouri says that using sulfur powder on your clothes can help repel them ( The most effective forms of control are going to be taking steps towards altering the area to make it a less favorable environment for chiggers. Both of those publications suggest wonderful steps for that. Unfortunately, these are the opposite steps we would take to attract fireflies. Lightning bugs are attracted to low trees and tall grass, the same as chiggers are. But eliminating a favorable habitat for the fireflies does not necessarily mean you are harming them . Please call the Fayette County Extension Office at 859-257-5582 for any further questions or concerns. Thanks!