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Asked July 8, 2018, 9:38 PM EDT

We moved here from Arizona and own a 6 acre property 4 miles up the Alsea river from Waldport. Part of the property is flat and we mow the grass. The hilly portions were covered with blackberry bushes , ferns and other bushes. I am in the process of cutting down the scrub. We would like to have short grass type ground cover that will not need to be mowed , too steep of slope. How do we keep the blackberry and ferns from growing back? What do you recommend in keeping the shrubs down and what would be a good ground cover? Thank You. Dennis Knapwurst 602-980-7530.

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These publication may be useful to you:

Managing Himalayan Blackberry in Western Oregon Riparian Areas


Invasive Weeds in Forestland: Himalayan & Evergreen Blackberry

These publications describe some of your options for manual, mechanical and chemical methods of managing the blackberries. It may take a combination of techniques to reach your desired result. Mulching, native plants/grass planting/seeding, erosion and control mats are options for preventing erosion on steep slopes.

Lincoln County Soil and Water Conservation may have grass mixes available or recommendations. Phone: (541) 265-2631

As for other shrubs to plant this publication is a good reference list and the added bonus of fire resistance.

Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes

Best of luck in this endeavor.