Controlling sumac suckers in my lawn. What should I do?

Asked July 8, 2018, 5:11 PM EDT

Hi, I live in the southwest Denver metro, and I'd like to know how to control these little sumac suckers that I've found sprouting in my yard. My neighbor has an enormous sumac tree just adjacent to the property line, not to mention tons of sumac brush. Short of asking to burn the whole thing to the ground, what should I do?

I've read online that the Dow product Garlon (active ingredient triclopyr) can be used effectively to control large sumac growths. Would that work here? Would it also kill my grass? Would I want to use Garlon 3 or 4, or perhaps a less concentrated version of triclopyr like Ortho Brush B Gone (available at Ace, etc)? How should I apply to the suckers? Dilute with water? Add to a spray bottle? Thanks a bunch!

Denver County Colorado

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If you use triclopyr, you could easily kill the mother tree. Same thing with glyphosate. Trees produce suckers when under stress. If you do a little detective work, you might be able to help your neighbor control his tree better. Here is a blog. Although commercial, it explains things:

This is similar, but has more straightforward warning about chemicals:

Best of luck and keep at it! I hope you can help your neighbor's tree.