Deer & Rabbit-safe dogwood shrubs

Asked July 7, 2018, 4:46 PM EDT

Hi, We like the 2 variegated dogwood shrubs we bought at Gertens this spring...supposed to be resistant to both but rabbits have been eating lower branches. (I forget the varietal but we wanted something that did not spread & had the wonderful red bark as well.) Any ideas? Many thanks, Laurie

Washington County Minnesota dogwoods rabbit control deer resistant plants

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We don't know of any rabbit and deer-proof dogwood shrubs. Authorities claim some dogwood species such as Cornus sericea are "seldom damaged" by deer, but others are frequently targeted. Lists of deer and rabbit resistant plants are useful, but they are not fool proof. If rabbits are feeding on the lower branches, don't be surprised if deer begin to prune the tops.

Barriers (fences) and repellents are the best defense against deer and rabbit damage. Learn more here: