Top of blue spruce brown

Asked July 7, 2018, 12:23 PM EDT

This blue spruce was planted about nine years ago. It was growing fine until a year ago. Last June the top foot and a half lost all but a few needles, just brown sticks. This was the same time that we were invaded by gypsy moth caterpillars and I read that they will eat spruce. This year we had new growth at the top but the new tips wilted and turned downward and are now browning. The rest of the tree looks fine. What can I do?

Essex County Massachusetts trees and shrubs

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Your problem is difficult to diagnose just from a picture. I would call the horticulturists at the UConn Home & Garden Education Center on Monday (877) 486-6271. They can tell you how to submit a sample to the UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab where the cause of the problem can most likely be determined.