Watering Tomato Plants

Asked July 7, 2018, 8:48 AM EDT

I've set up my garden to water tomato plants using a 1 gallon per hour drip emitter. I have the emitters one per plant placed at the stem where it emerges from the ground.
1. Is this a good location or should I move it out to the canopy area of the plant?
2. Is one emitter per plant enough?
3. How often should the plants be watered or how deep of moisture penetration should I work toward?
I have similar questions for Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers and Peppers. I'm using 1-gallon emitters on the peppers and 2-gallon emitters on the squash and cucumbers. Thanks for your help on this!

Edit: Oh and by the way I'm watering for about 60 minutes per watering event. Since installing the drip irrigation last weekend (June 30, July 1) I've watered twice for about an hour each time.

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It would be best to move the emitters so they a few inches from the main stems. One emitter per plant is fine and one hour should deliver sufficient water. This all depends on soil type, organic matter level, plant growth stage, etc. Your pepper, cucumber, and squash regimen sound fine although cucumber could get by with the 1 gallon emitters.

Check the soil a 10-12 inches from the main stems and down 10-2 inches to check for moisture. If that soil is dry soil you can increase duration. jt