Apple tree dropping leaves and fruit has dried up

Asked July 6, 2018, 5:41 PM EDT

Hello-I have 2 apple trees in my yard (fuji and honeycrisp) and both seem to be dropping their leaves and the honeycrisp had fruit but it appears to have dried up. I have included two images, the first is the fuji, and the second is the honeycrisp. Thanks for your help.

Montgomery County Maryland

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The Fuji and Honeycrisp leaves show signs of sucking insect pest injury (very small white dots on leaves) possibly from leafhoppers or aphids. The Fuji may also have a foliar disease. These issues would not cause leaf drop unless they were quite severe.

The yellow, mottled, Honeycrisp leaves are actually normal. This variety is prone to this innocuous disorder.

The significant leaf drop you describe is caused by some environmental stressors- competition with turfgrass, lack of water, compacted soil, failure to establish a sufficient root system. Water these trees during extended hot, dry weather. jt