Do Bunnies Eat Ferns?

Asked July 6, 2018, 2:50 PM EDT

Something is happening to my 2 year old lady fern. Many of the stems look broken and the fronds are nibbled so there are just buds(?) along the stems. At the base of the fern there is a hollow, almost like a shallow burrow. I do not spray since I know deer do not bother ferns. But we have a crop of baby bunnies this year...

District of Columbia

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Young animals will test nibble many plants and then leave the plants alone because the plants make them feel bad (unless they're starving.) A bunny also might be nesting or a fawn will settle for a few hours and crush some foliage.

Deer will also eat some ferns when they are hungry enough, but there is plenty to eat now and typically they should not be desperate enough to eat ferns now.