Western Hercules beetle in the wild in Bethesda

Asked July 6, 2018, 1:10 PM EDT

Why is there a male Dynastes grant(Western Hercules beetle) in my year in Bethesda? Is there any way it might have gotten there other than by escaping captivity of a collector? Would this be considered an invasive species for this area? I found him under a beech tree in my yard. So far as I know, the species is restricted in range to Mexico, Central America and the desert southwest of the U.S.

Montgomery County Maryland

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There are Dynastinae family members in our area, including the Eastern Hercules Beetle (D.tityus). Larvae feed in the wood of decaying logs and stumps, and adults are attracted to lights, which may be why you found him in your yard.

How did you i.d. him? Any photos?


Thank you! The beetle does indeed look exactly like an Eastern Hercules, which I Googled for photos; and which one must admit, looks very much like its Western cousin.