What is this plant growing in one of my large pots in Corvallis?

Asked July 5, 2018, 4:49 PM EDT

It looks like Fennel but has NO SMELL (verified by others besides me). It was in a mix pack of "micro greens" that has kale, lettuces, and radish that I put in the container - was it part of the pack or is it a rogue weed from the soil? attached are some photos. thanks! Beth

Benton County Oregon

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Certainly looks like fennel, but culinary fennel has a strong odor of licorice when the leaves are crushed or the bulb is cut. Fennel can be a microgreen mix add-in and it may be that this particular cultivar has better culinary qualities as an immature plant. The scent may change as the plant matures or environmental conditions change but this is impossible to predict. If it doesn't have that characteristic scent and flavor, then it is not likely to develop it during the cooking process! If you're in doubt then I would treat it as a weed.

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