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Asked July 5, 2018, 4:43 PM EDT

My lawn is not doing well -- I have a lot of crab grass and weeds. My mowing man said I should fertilize in July. I was just wondering if that is a good time and also should weed control be included at that time? My lawn will need to be re-seeded this fall as well. I would like some help on the best way to do that -- my lawn is sloping -- goes down to my house. Thanks so much! I will try to get some pictures to you.

Warren County Kentucky

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Home lawn care is a common issue that we see in the area. Several homeowners say that they have a lot of weeds with little to no desired grass species. For most home lawns, I recommend a turf type tall fescue variety. We tell people to avoid KY31 fescue and go with a newer improved variety. While KY31 is inexpensive and easy to find, it does not have good color and is not compact so it ends up attracting more weeds and disease. The absolute best time to reseed your lawn is in the fall and the second best time is in the spring of the year.

Make sure to have the soil tested in order to know what fertilizer and lime needs to be applied. The Warren County Extension Office offers soil testing services to have your soil analyzed to get in the optimum pH range for most grasses. Soil tests cost 7.00 per sample. Most people choose to perform a soil test for the front and back yards separately because they are large areas and sometimes are different as to how much sun that they receive. Most of the time the front yard receives more sun while the backyard has less sunlight with more shade from tree cover.

When collecting the soil sample, sample 2 to 4 inches down in the soil for turf grass areas. You can use a hand trowel or shovel to gather the samples. Make sure to avoid collecting any roots, leaves, and grass clippings. We just need straight soil. Gather samples in different locations in the yard, so it gives a full representation of the entire area. Collect the samples and put in a clean 5 gallon bucket. We need at least 1 pint to 1 cup of soil in order to send off to have analyzed.

We also have a ton of other publications at the Extension Office to help manage the home lawn such as renovation and weed control. If you have any other questions or would like copies of the other Extension publications, please contact Kristin Hildabrand at the Warren County Extension Office at (270) 842-1681.