Assistance with Oak Leaf Miners

Asked July 5, 2018, 11:08 AM EDT

Our new young Oak Trees have leaf miners again this year. We have used thuricide, but they still are unrelenting and the leaves are becoming skeletonized… We read that the leaf miners really do not harm the trees and they survive the time without leaves. How can these trees survive when they get so much of their nourishment through their leaves? What do you recommend to treat these leaf miners, causing blotch? and what is your opinion of their surviving without leaves. The leaf miners are going from one tree to another.

Harford County Maryland

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We'd like to see some photos of the damage, and the trees. Those can be attached directly to this reply by using the tabs below. How old are they?
The blotching that native leaf miners make doesn't usually skeletonize tree leaves, and aren't seen very often according to UMD entomologists.
There may be more than one thing going on. (There is an Oak Skeletonizer and Orange-striped Oakworm.)
The trees should be able to push out some new leaves but repeatedly over years it can weaken trees.


CM: Response page #1
The acorns were collected in 1st week of November 2015.
Seeds were kept in Refrigerator until April 2016 as it was Winter and could not be planted.
Seeds were planted inside and Sprouted about June 2016.
Plants Wintered through Dec-Mar 2017
Total time since sprounting about 16 Months as of Sept 2017. Need more space to respond. Do you have an email address I could write you directly and send more than 3 pictures? I tried to call your office at Ellicott City, but could not get through. Any assist with phone # or email would be appreciated.

You can continue to send responses and 3 photos each time you respond right to this thread here. Just reply again.