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Asked July 5, 2018, 8:27 AM EDT

Please help me identify what is happening. Photo attached. Since last summer I've noticed Progressive loss of branches on some but not all cherry laurel. On closer examination I am finding a white sticky substance on some branches on interior tree. Also noticing small holes on some leaves, and leaf Browning then dying back of entire branches. U nfortunaty I can't figure out how to move picture from my gallery. Is it possible to come into office? Or can you provide an email far and I can forward that way. Thank you

Cecil County Maryland disease issues shrubs pest insects and mites cherry laurel dieback

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Cherry laurels can be prone to multiple common problems, including diseases like cherry shothole, which can cause holes, and scale insect infestations, which can cause sticky honeydew, a sooty mold that grows on it, and dieback on branches.
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