Tomato variety with blossom drop

Asked July 3, 2018, 10:32 PM EDT

I hope you can please, please HELP! I have two tomato plants that are thriving and producing more tomatoes than I can probably use.
BUT - at the same time the one tomato plant that's my ultimate variety - although has grown very well and has produced a lot of flowers like the other two -- but on this one plant (in same proximity as other two) the problem is that none of the blossoms are turning into fruit. :-( I'm so sad, even though the plant definitely seems to be thriving!
Some of the research I've done about blossom drop suggests a few different things that I'm certainly willing to try. But I don't understand why this one plant has blossom drop but not the others.
Any ideas at all? I sure hope you can point me in the right direction! BTW, all three varieties are heirloom tomatoes. The ones producing fruit are called: Mexican Midget and Purple Bumblebee. The one of most concern however, is called Chocolate Stripes. Yum! It's so good as a slicing tomato!

Denver County Colorado

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Without knowing where your tomatoes are planted, it's hard to pin-point one specific cause.

Blossom drop can be caused by heat, when temperatures exceed 90-95, they often abort flowers. Since each plant is a different variety, your Chocolate Stripes may just be more sensitive to the high temperatures we've been having lately than the other two.