Asked July 3, 2018, 5:04 PM EDT

how can you kill toad flax in your pasture with out killing your grass

Multnomah County Oregon weed issues

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Treat your pasture with a tankmix of the following herbicides. This mixture will not kill the desirable grasses and the products are unrestricted and can be purchased at most farm stores...CPS, Wilco, Wilbur-Ellis, etc. If just spot spraying certain areas of the pasture follow the spot spraying instructions on the Telar label. Treat this year and again next spring/summer. Two to three years of applications will likely be necessary for complete control. This mixture can also be used on other unwanted broadleaf weeds/brush. Use care not to drift on to sensitive desired broadleaf plants.

2,4-D applied at 3 pints/acre


Telar (chlorsulfuron) at 2 oz/acre


a good non-ionic surfactant (NIS)