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Asked July 3, 2018, 3:10 PM EDT

wrote: Hello 1)In an effort to maximize my apple tree plantings, how close can I plant to a road that is plowed and salted. 2) My plum trees flowered and pollinated nicely this year but they about three weeks after I had some plums formed they ripened and then dropped? they were slightly less than golf ball size. what is this an indication of? 3) I plan to add about 6 more apple cider trees and would like to get your thoughts on ground cover or weed prevention. I would like to stay away from roundup and I am thinking about using strawberry clover as a ground clover. thoughts/concerns 4 I will be adding multiple fruit trees, are there some types that are more tolerant being closer to the road, ie salt tolerance 5)Also I know fruit trees in general have a hard time with moist ground or wet feet but are some more tolerant than others THANKS

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Thank you for your submission. Because questions are handled by staff and volunteers with different areas of expertise, please ask one question per submission as this will expedite the responses. Please re-send your questions on separate submissions. We look forward to helping you with your gardening questions.

thanks for the response Barbra

if that is the guidance or rule, It would be appreciated if that was stated somewhere...

I placed all of my questions on one thread since they were related to fruit trees and thought who ever had the knowledge for one question most likely would be able to answer all of them