Wye Oak sapling concerns

Asked July 2, 2018, 6:43 PM EDT

The enclosed pictures are of a Wye (White) Oak tree obtained from the extension service and the sapling planted in 1976. This has been a beautifully developed tree up until 2017. A very early Spring in 2017 caused the tree to start budding at the top. This early Spring was followed by a near zero cold which appeared to have killed the new buds and left these branches bare. This Spring (2018) a major section of the tree failed to respond with new Spring growth. I have enclosed several pictures from different angels showing the extent of the problem. These major branches seem to be dead. I hate to loose this tree and am hoping that you can determine how this might be resolved. Jim

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It looks like your tree is succumbing to either root or trunk damage (or both) from earlier in its lifespan. With as much dieback as there is in the canopy and on the one side, there really is nothing that can be done to save this tree. It is really unfortunate. You have the option to get a second opinion from a certified arborist, but it looks to us like it would be time to consider taking it down and choosing a replacement.