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1. How often can you fertilize strawberries? 2. What time of year do you fertilize. 3. After the strawberries have produced we cut them back. When can you dig and transplant them?

Columbia County Oregon strawberries horticulture

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Most western Oregon gardens have one or both common types of strawberries: the June-bearing ones and the "day-neutral" types, sometimes called "everbearers". They are treated differently. June bearing strawberries are fertilized sometime between mid-July and early August. If you fertilize a good-looking planting of June bearing strawberries in the spring, you can create too much of a leaf canopy which can lead to more fruit disease. A weak planting can be fertilized in the spring but it may not do any good if the problem is a root disease or root weevils. Day neutral strawberries can be fertilized in both spring and late summer.

The best times to transplant strawberries are in the mid-spring if you have a space to put them ready or in the early fall.

Most commercial June-bearing strawberries are clipped between mid July and early August.

I hope these comments help. Here is a link to an OSU publication on strawberries:

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