Hibiscus bud-drop

Asked July 2, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

Hi- Romence Garden Nursery told me to ask you my hibiscus question so here we go. I have this 7-8 year old plant that I put outside on my protected porch in the summer and overwinter in a west-facing window. It’s as healthy as can be; I have to cut it way back in mid-winter because it’s just too darn big. My problem is that some of the buds drop before they open. That’s so frustrating because I have a LOT of buds and the flowers are gorgeous. What can be causing this bud-drop and what can I do to correct it? I also have spots on some of the leaves. I don’t spray this plant, just water it at dirt level. Again, cause and remedy? I thank you in advance for any help you can send my way! Linda Koivisto Rockford, MI

Kent County Michigan

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You have a beautiful, healthy-looking plant. The double hibiscus blooms are more susceptible to bud fall, but even the singles will drop buds. There are several possible reasons for this to happen. Sometimes there are tiny insects (especially thrips or mites) inside the buds, so open them up when they fall and check for insects. Over- or under-watering can be another reason, as can too much nitrogen. Even moving the pot from one location to another can cause this. Or even too high temps. The websites below will help you ascertain if you are doing all you can to prevent this issue--but remember--it is a very common problem with double hibiscus plants.