New Invasive Weed - Southern MN

Asked July 2, 2018, 2:56 PM EDT

New weed called wild mustard. Has tall yellow umbrella lacy stem. Said to cause blisters if touched. Was all along the Root River Trail and along the highway untill about 20 miles north of rochester.

Olmsted County Minnesota

2 Responses

Many plant species are called "wild mustard." However, so far as we know, none is generally known to cause blisters when touched.

Go here for information about a number of plants that can cause skin irritation when touched. Perhaps you will recognize the plant you mentioned there. Wild parsnip has yellow flowers.

If you want to identify the plant and have not done that after reading the above bulletin, please reply to this message and attach sharp photos.

If you simply want to report the presence of a toxic plant, direct your report to staff at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Trails.

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