Spots on cucumber plant leaves

Asked July 2, 2018, 12:02 PM EDT

I am growing a dwarf bush crop cucumber plant in my Earthbox. It seems to be growing well and has lots of blossoms and little cukes setting on. However, I am noticing some spots on the leaves. Some of the spots look white (powdery mildew?) and some look brown (lower left). I’d like to practice organic gardening techniques. What should I do? I water only into the hose to fill the reservoir in the Earthbox, so the plant takes up water through its roots as needed. Also it gets full sun and has good air circulation. Thanks for any help you can give. ~

Howard County Maryland cucumbers vegetables

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Overall your plants look healthy. Cucumbers are susceptible to several diseases and eventually may succumb to this over the season. We do see powdery mildew on the foliage. All you can do is select resistant cultivars. Pull up and remove all plant debris at the end of the season.

Cucumbers grow quickly, produce fruit, and start declining. You may see disease symptoms but there is not much you can do. Remove the plants and if not too late in the season, you can replant. Here is our profile on cucumbers for more information