Clematis moved to too much sun

Asked July 2, 2018, 7:48 AM EDT

I finally found a climbing tower I love and unfocused, relocated my clematis to the center of it and left it exposed to too much sun this spring. Two tiny vines tried and then burned out over some weeks while I was completely dense. I've moved it slightly and surrounded with lovely tall plants similar to as it was before. Is there any hope? The roots looked great. Is there a chance it will shoot some vines again this season or are we talking possibly next year? It's typically blooming gloriously in the next month... It took years, I'm so mad at myself what I put it too exposed to sun with the new climbing tower and didn't tuck it into shade protection with surrounding green goodness...

Kane County Illinois

1 Response

Thank you for your question. Predicting the fate of a plant is always difficult. It’s possible that, with healthy roots and appropriate shade (and watering and fertilizer) that your plant will survive until next year. Some varieties of clematis continue to add filiage throughout the growing season, with the new growth being quite healthy. So just keep on your new course, and think positive!